Wine & Fish 21th of march

Wine & Fish

In cooperation with BIOVINI, we are hosting a casual winetasting


saturday the 21th march 2020 13-15 o'clock

BIOVINI is operated of Morten,

which is one of Traktørstedets regular visitors,

and two of his friends.

They import amazing organic Riesling, as whitewine, and as a sparkling Bio-Bubbles from Germany - and it is excactly these we are tasting.


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Between the glasses of wine, we will also enjoy some fish...



Lumpfish Roe accompanied by selleri rösti, smoked cheese creme, herbs, red onions and our homebaked roasted sourdough bread.

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The event is 175 DKK,

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About the wines



BIOVINI have their own bubbles produced in the "Riesling-champagnoise" method.

It is then obviously called 'Bio-Bobler', because it is filled with organic lovely bubbles, in Dansih: 'Bobler'. Your are what you drink, and we believe that this wine will make you a little more bubbly happy!



BIOVINI og Paul Hoffmann, ”Bio-bobler”, Riesling sekt brut,

Mosel, Tyskland, organic sparkling wine.


It is not yet very typical to make Cava or Champagne or other sparkling wines, based on the Riesling grape. 

The grape is contributing to make the acquaintance with 'Bio-Bubbles' even more exciting.

This is a wine with character. The wine have the acid and the clarity, like a sparkling dry wine has to have, but at the same time it has richness and roundness.

WARNING: Bio-Bobler might make you addicted !

Peet's Dry Riseling & Peet’s Best Riesling



"Peet's Dry Riseling" og ”Peet’s Best Riesling”, Peet’s wine, whitewine, organic, Mosel, Tyskland.


"Peet's Dry Riseling" is a real Mosel Riesling. Fresh, mineral and light sparkling, with a muffled fuityness in the end. And it is dry, so it will fit perfectly with food and danish tastepreferences.

The wine has a low content of sugar, but still with the perceft acid/sweet- balance.


"Peet’s Best Riesling” is a small masterpiece made on the Riealsing grape, and this wine is best of quality.

The wine is only produced with organic grapes from small and exclusive field with old vines, that has develop to be unique in decades.

A lovely mineral and dry Riesling with a very light and wellbalanced sweetness in the aftertaste.



is especially good to get the character from its growing conditions.

That is what makes them very interesting wines.

The roots of the vines goes very deep, and with the young ambitious winemakers hands, both of Peets Rieslings absorbes all of the good things from the place it grows.


Both wines are superb for food, e.g. fish, seafood and lumpfish roe.


Tir - Søn: 10-17



Granatvej 9, 2770 Kastrup

tlf: 22553265

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