evening party





  • Organic Cava and a snack from the kitchen

The welcome snack can be arranged outside if you wish, from 18 o'clock.



  • Ceviche with seasonal herbs from the nature park, served with homemade dark and light bread

The appetizer can be served from 18.30 at the set tables.



  • The colourful Vitamina Salata with cabbage and other delights
  • Green salad with all the good stuff of the season
  • Baked salmon with lemon
  • Barbecued meat and seasonal vegetables
  • Oven baked potatoes turned in fresh herbs
  • Homebaked organic bread and butter
  • Homemade pesto



Coffee/tea accompanied by a dessert (choose between:)

  • Rhubarb-trifli
  • Chocolate Cake with a berry compote



A Night Meal is offered as an addition:

  • Sausages and a cheese plate with bread and something pickled, 75 kr./person
  • Soup of the season, 55 kr./person



A minimum of 40 persons, a maximum of 70 persons.

695 kr. pr. person

250 kr. for children


The price for an adult includes the hours from 18.30 to 23.00

After 23 o'clock: 2.000 kr./per initiated hour

From 02 to 04 o'clock: 3.000 kr./per initiated hour

Jugs of water are included, all other drinks are to be ordered seperately.


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