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Food & Drinks

On this site, it is possible to have a look at our A lacarte-menu, read more about the food that we make, which is organic andhomecooked, and have a lookat the selection of dishes and beverages that we offer. You can also get information on our collaborators and vendors and all the delicious and high quality produce that we love to serve to you dear guests. 


There are a lot of fire places and exciting possibilities for excursions in the area.


We sell pancake batter and dough for twist bread, that you can take to-go and cook at the fireplaces.

Both of these have to be ordered a day in advance, either by contacting us by phone: 22553265 or in the restaurant.

The price is 40 DKK for twist bread and 50 DKK for pancake batter.

One portion is for four people.


You can also get both coffee and tea in a thermos, or bottled beers and sodas to bring with you.

Here is a map of the area, with information about fireplaces and excursion possibilities as well.


Firewood, twist bread sticks and pans to use on the bonfire, can all be bought or rented at our neighbours at Friluftshuset.



If you have any allergies or if any of your guests does - and wish a meal without lactose, gluten - it is always an option at Traktørstedet.

Please ask us for a glutenfree, lactosefree, vegan or vegetarian meal when you order or when hosting a party at our place.

We bake our own delicious glutenfree bread - both white bread and wholegrain bread. 

It is always possible to adjust the food for your party, if there are any special requests. In the A la carte menu there are always the Daal and Soup which is both glutenfree and vegan. 

Food, Drinks & the produce we use


At Traktørstedet we serve simple, tasteful and home cooked food.

The kitchen makes all the dishes from scratch, out of organic and local commodities.

The beef in our burger is from the Galloway cattle that walk around the nature park right outside.

In the summer we get our fresh vegetables from the local horticulture.

We always bake our own bread, buns and cakes. The bread is made with sour dough and organic flour.

It is of great important to us that the commodities we use are of the best quality.

This is how we can make the tasty and fresh food that we serve.

Our meals & dishes


Daal is an Indian lentildish, made of red lentil, ginger, chili and lime, among other delicious ingredients. 

In the kitchen, we call it "Allan's Daal", since the recipe comes from Allan who we once had as a visitor in the kitchen. This wonderful Daal is served with homemade bread and tastes like and oriental dream!


The Burger that you can enjoy at Traktørstedet, while you gae upon the beautiful naturepark outside the windows, is made from the kattle, that you see grassing out there. 

Additionally, it is served with a nice brioche bun, our homemade tomato chutney, mayo and fresh crispy kale. 



Vitamina Salata is a cabbage salad mix, which you can always find on our menu.

It is inspired by the Serbian dish with the same name, a salad with feta, cabbage and various greens. 

At Traktørstedet we serve it with olives and the veggies of the seasons, green toppings and delicious homemade bread & butter. 


We always have a soup with ingredients according to the seasons, and we have some favourites that we usually make.  

It could be our fresh green pea soup with mint, the hot spicy tomato soups that we make with a soup base on orangepeel and estragon. 

In the summertime we have a cold Gazpacho on the menu, which is a spanish soup made of peppers, tomato, cucumber and tabasco.

Our soups are always vegan and glutenfree.


Both bread and buns that we make at Traktørstedet are baked with our own sourdough and the highest quality organic and biodynamic flour from the danish mill Aurion.

It is cold-risen bread that rise over the night, and is freshly baked every day.


The freshly baked cakes that you can always find at our counter, is made from scratch from delicious and quality goods.  

We recommend e.g. our rhubarb shortbread, mushy chocolate cake, lemoncake with walnuts, or what other delightful cake of the day, that we usually make.

We also always offer freshly baked blueberry muffins.

Moreover, you always find a selection of homemade cookies with different flavour, some glutenfree - and they are in small bags ready to take with you on an adventure in the nature!


The wines that we sell are always organic or biodynamic. 

We always have three wines - a red, a white & a rosé. 

Moreover, we also offer a exquisite and sparkling organic Cava.

Look at our prices here.

Arbol de Vida Verdejo - Hvidvin

Arbol de Vida Verdejo, La Mancha, 2022, is a fresh white wine with floral notes and a hint of spices. Spanish and Biodynamic, Demeter. 

Lunar Apogé- Rødvin

Cotes du Rhone, 2020, is a dry red wine of high quality, with notes of berries and the herbs of the Rhone-valley.  Grenache, syrah, cinsault & mourvedre-grapes. Organic & Biodynamic, Demeter.

Caballero Rosado - Rosé

Caballero Rosado, Garnacha, 2022, is a Rosé wine with fuity notes of berries, with only a little tannic acid. The Garnacha grape is Spanish. Organic & Biodynamic, Demeter and vegan.

Organic Liquer

We have a delicious selection of organic alcohol which can be enjoyed before, during or after eating at Traktørstedet. 

We have both Coffee Cream Liquer, Fernet, Limoncello, Cognac & Sherry. 

Did we mention that they are all organic? 

Our vendor of the organic liquer is the Danish company Økovin.

Organic Soda's from Naturfrisk

The Soda's that you can buy at Traktørstedet is all organic and from the Danish company Naturfrisk. We always have both Lemon, Coke, Ginger Ale & Orange Fizz in the fridge.

We believe they are the best organic soda's, and we like that they are made in Funen from great organic produce. 

And we always serve the good Sparkling Water with lemon from Dansih brand Frem - because it is just the best! 

Organic Alcohol & Drinks 

You can always get a Gin & Tonic, Rom & Cola and Vodka & Lemon at Traktørstedet. Made with the most delicious organic Gin, Vodka & Rum- 

and of course organic soda's, ice and lemon.  

Perfect for a hot summerday!

Vendors & Collaborators


The beer that we serve for you guests at Traktørstedet, mainly comes from the local vrewery Amager Bryghus.

They brew their beer here in Amager and are therefore as local as it gets.

We always have a their Amager Fælled Pilsner, Dragør Brown & Christianshavn Pale Ale in the fridge. These are named from geographical areas in Amager. 

Furthermore, we also offer you a variety of their sepcial brews, which could be exoctic American Ales and their dark christmas brews. We invite you to visit us and have a look in the fridge, there is definitely something for every beer lover! 

Read more about AMAGER BRYGHUS here. 

We also sell beer from tap, the Czech Granat (4,6%) and the Danish Royal Organic (4,5%).

Meat from Galloway cattle in the Nature Park

The amazing and tasty meat that you can taste in our burger, comes from the cattle of Danish farmer H.C. Riggelsen. All summer the cows are fed by the grass in the Naturepark, and they are the ones that you can see walking around outside our windows.

They are of the breed called Galloway, and when H.C. bring us the meat from a whole cow, the staff are busy making burger patty's all night. HC always helps us with the work, and here you can see him together with his driver, enjoying our burgers. Some of the meat that we get from him, we also use for chacutteri, stews, sliced meat, grill parties and for other festive occasions. 

We invite you to visit us and try it for yourself!


Did you know that our coffee is organic and Fairtrade?

We buy it from Ekrem who runs the company CityRoast, which is a local business. There has been challenges with the coffee harvest, as well as transport problems due to covid-19 and the Ukranian war. This has affected the price on the coffee.
We are though still licky to have access to this tasty and delcious coffee, and we enjoy brewing it with these great beans. 

Read more about Ekrem's coffee here.


For all guests with a craving for cold icecream on a hot summerday, we always offer Hansen Ice Cream.

Hansen Ice Cream is organic and handmade ice cream that tastes amazing - and comes in a variety of shapes and tastes. We uusally have Kongo with chocolate and caramel, Solstang with pineapple and vanilla, Rocket for the young ones and POP which is vegan. We also have delicious icecream cones with chocolate, strawberry or liqourice. 

Stop by and try for yourself !