The Menu



There are a lot of fire places and exciting possibilities for excursions in the area.


We sell pancake batter and dough for twist bread, that you can take to-go and cook at the fireplaces.

Both of these have to be ordered a day in advance, either by contacting us by phone: 22553265 or in the restaurant.

The price is 30 DKK for twist bread and 40 DKK for pancake batter.

One portion is for four people.


You can also get both coffee and tea in a thermos, or bottled beers and sodas to bring with you.

Here is a map of the area, with information about fireplaces and excursion possibilities as well.


Firewood, twist bread sticks and pans to use on the bonfire, can all be bought or rented at our neighbours at Friluftshuset.