morning buffet




Expanded morningplate for bigger parties

  • Skyr with homemade fruit compote and roasted müsli
  • The omelet of Traktørstedet with onions, potatoes and the herbs of the season
  • Roasted brunch sausages of oxe, two pieces per person
  • The bean dish of the house
  • 'Vesterhavs' cheese with homemade jam
  • Small delightful cake pieces
  • Fresh fruits
  • A slice of organic ryebread and an organic homemade sourdough bun


A minimum of 12 persons

245 kr. per person

95 kr. children 3-10 years

25 kr. per baby 0-3 years

Free for babies 0-1 years

Max. number of guests; 40 persons at opening hours.


Acquisitions: A thermos of coffee 130 kr.

              A jug of tea 100 kr.

              A jug of juice/lemonade 80 kr.


At a minimum 25 persons it is possible to put up a dividing wall to the rest of the guests. 

The table is set and reserved for 2 hours.

When you arrive, there will be plates and cutlery on the table. Furthermore you decide in advance what kind of drinks you prefer that we put out for you.


Suitable menu for a birthday party or something else that needs a good celebration.

All drinks are ordered seperately, look at our selection

right here.