stew get together




Stew served with homebaked organic bread and salad


Choose from one of these dishes;

  • Chili con carne
  • Veal fricasseé
  • Daal
  • Boller i karry (free form gluten and lactose)


During opening hours, a minimum of 12 persons, a maximum of

40 persons.

225 kr. per person.

90 kr. per child 3-10 years.

25 kr. per baby 1-3 years.

Free for babies 0-1 years.

The table is set and reserved for 2 hours.

At your arrival, there will be plates and cutlery on the table. Furthermore you decide in advance what kind of drinks you would like for us to put out on the buffet.


Price per hour after this:

During opening hours
Up to 30 persons: 1.500 kr./per initiated hour
Over 30 persons: 2.000 kr./pr. initiated hour

After closing time
Startup fee: 3.000 kr.

Afterwards: 1.000 kr./pr. initiated hour
After 23 o'clock: 2.000 kr./pr. initiated hour

From 02 to 04 o'clock.: 3.000 kr./pr. initiated hour

All drinks are ordered seperately, look at our selection

right here.