The Food

I LOVE this place!

So relaxing atmosphere,

not overcrowded the times

I have been there. Great outside seating area with a view over the fields. I have also been there for a dinner with my department from work a while ago and it was incredible food we had! Definitely coming back :)

- Ieva Valinskaitė


At Traktørstedet we serve simple, tasteful and home cooked food.


The kitchen makes all the dishes from scratch, out of organic and local commodities.


The beef in our burger is from the Galloway cattle that walk around the nature park right outside.

In the summer we get our fresh vegetables from the local horticulture.

We always bake our own bread, buns and cakes. The bread is made with sour dough and organic flour.

It is of great important to us that the commodities we use are of the best quality.

This is how we can make the tasty and fresh food that we serve.


Most of the herbs, berries and plants that we collect, are from Nature Park Amager.

We are lucky to have Tove, a very skilled person, with a well-rounded knowledge about plants and herbs, in our staff.

She makes sure that we use the right picked plants, and that they are controlled to sell and eat.

Throughout the year we arrange trips to go picking herbs & berries with her, and learn how to use the herbs & berries, in a workshop afterwards. Check here at our site, to see when it is happening again!

The different seasons are always incorporated into our menu, and therefore the menu shifts with the seasons.

Look HERE to see the current menu.

Below is our 'Wheel of the Year', where you can have an overview of what we collect and when we do it.